Tourism Investigation Studies

Students have the opportunity to visit one of the many coastal tourist resorts on Vancouver Island. During their visit they will use various methods of data collection, from surveying, walk-counts, population density, retail density and services to determine factors involved in the development of the resort and the effects of recreational pressure on local employment, land use, first nations land and culture, the physical environment and traffic patterns and congestion.

Data collected in the field will include statistical data, survey data, digital photographs, traffic and pedestrian counts. Students will have an opportunity to examine the resort to determine the type of businesses and employment opportunities that exist and how first nations people and culture is represented.

During the followup session, students have an opportunity to compile a short presentation on their findings.

Program Outline

Tourism Investigation
8am - 9am Breakfast
9am - 4pm Visit to Victoria, Nanaimo, Campbell River or Tofino and Ucluelet
  Students spend the day in a major city studying the affects of tourism on the city, its inhabitants and transportation (lunch provided)
4pm - 5pm Free Time
5pm - 6pm Dinner
6pm - 8pm Followup Session - Classroom
  Compilation of survey data and findings with group presentations
8pm - 9pm Free Time
9pm - 11pm Campfire & Mug-up
11pm Bedtime