Team Cave, Camp & Climb

Need to get your team to work together and strengthen relationships, or simply looking for a great adventure weekend for you and your team? The Elk Bay Adventures Cave, Camp, Climb weekend features a series of team challenges that will have you using your wits, challenging your mental and physical abilities in a fun and safe environment.

You'll visit the Cowichan Valley where we'll set up a base camp. You'll sleep in bush shelters or tents, or for those really adventurous, under the stars! Your first challenge will have you orienteering Mount Bald, seeking out the clues that will lead you and your team on a quest to collect hidden treasures while building team spirit and your outdoor skills.

We will adventure to local caves, challenging you to explore new places, climbing and crawling through underground passages, discovering hidden chambers and collecting clues. You will be challenged to climb rock bluffs near base camp, take part in a ropes course and even rappel down a cliff face!

At the end of the weekend, you and your team will have collected a series of clues and artefacts that can be used in your final team challenge.

This adventure tour is designed for small groups of up to 16 people, challenging you through communication skills, physical challenges and overcoming fears to become a tight-knit community, ready for anything the workplace can throw at you!