Team Canoe Adventure Weekend

The canoe adventure weekend has been specially designed for small teams. Your tour starts on a Friday evening, where we will meet and hold a safety briefing and gear check. Our goal is to be on the water by 6pm for a short paddle to our first overnight destination. Team members will be paired up two to a boat, and you will be paddling with all of your gear and food supplies. 

The first night has us working together to construct some basic shelters. We're looking for natural materials that we find in the forest to create a solid roof structure under which we can bivvy for the night. Participants may use a tent if they wish.

On our second day, we venture out onto the second lake, traversing approximately 10km of water to our second overnight location. During the day we'll have several teambuilding challenges, both on and off the water, with a goal of getting to know and understand strength and weakness and complimenting eachother as we progress. Our evening stop is on a remote beach, where, after a good dinner, we set about an evening challenge as a whole group. This is a fun activity and you will be on land and in the water to succeed!

On our third day, we paddle the return route, traversing the opposite side of the lake, running the small rapids and then back to our embarkation point.

This weekend is meant to challenge your team intellectually and physically. Unlike the hiking team building challenges, this is a little easier and less physically demanding. We encompass an element of fun and encourage participants to reach outside of their comfort zone as they bond and grow stronger together.