Up & Under | Cave and Climb

Try your hand at rock climbing and rappelling followed by a day exploring underground Vancouver island. A great way experience the outdoors and conquer your fears!

Duration: 2 Day

Join us for a two day adventure tour where you will learn the basics of rock climbing, fitting a harness and some useful knots. The first day is spent learning to climb on one of the most popular climbing crags on Vancouver Island, where there are several popular routes that will challenge you and help you to gain confidence in your climbing abilities. We'll camp overnight in the Gold River Provincial campground, hidden away on the Gold River and close to Nootka Sound.

On our second day we leave Gold River and head into an area of karst where there are several caves we can explore. We'll visit caverns and passages that vary in size, offering great crawling challenges for younger, confident cavers and walk-through passages for those who need a bit more confidence. You'll learn how the cave system was formed, and will see evidence of karst features, different stages of cavern development and will leave the tour with a complete understanding of how these spectacular caves are formed.