Our Philosophy


Outdoor Adventure has become increasingly popular as a sporting and social activity. With specialist equipment and gear becoming freely available and at a price that people can afford, more and more of us are heading into the back-country to get an experience of the wilderness and all that it has to offer. For many of us, the experience of the natural environment is breathtaking and awe inspiring. We revel in nature and the environment that we visit.

Our experience is enhanced by the natural beauty and unspoilt locations we visit, the trails we tread and the wildlife we view along the way. Unfortunately for some, that isn't the case, their outdoor adventure experience destroys the landscape and places they visit. Trash is left where others can see and wildlife can eat and campgrounds are left damaged and unusable. Elk Bay Adventures has a philosophy that we are stewards of our environment. We want to experience and enjoy the outdoors and we have an obligation to combine our adventure tours with back-country education. As stewards of the environment, our goal is to have minimal impact on the places we visit and leave locations in the same or better condition than when we found them.

You won't find us giving long-winded environmental speeches, but we do have a responsibility to our clients and our playground. All of our activities and tours have been developed using an impact and risk assessment -  to the environment and to our clients. We want each participant to leave us with a new found respect and understanding for the places they have visited, and as an ambassador for the outdoors.

When we paddle on a lake, we will respect the shoreline and fish habitats; when we cave we will minimize the number of people underground, teach methods of moving through passages and caverns to minimize impact and ensure that no damage is made to natural formations - we are there to experience not destroy.

When you go on adventure this is what we expect from ourselves and our clients:

  • Enjoy all that the natural environment offers
  • Respect where we visit
  • Don't cut down trees, use fallen timber
  • Follow Leave No Trace principles at all times
  • Pack In and Pack Out litter
  • Keep our visiting groups small
  • Expect to learn about the environment and geography of the places we visit
  • Be prepared to become a steward of the back-country