Ecological Investigations

In this module, students get hands-on as they investigate different habitats. Students will use a variety of study techniquest to investigate the biotic (plants, animals, bacteria and other organic compounds) and abiotic (light, temperature, soils etc) factors. Students spend time indentifying different habitats through plant and animal identification, plant adaptations and location.

We will visit locations in the coastal temperate rainforests where students will experience the thrill of studying 1,000 year old trees and an ever changing forest floor.

During our followup sessions, students will us observations and digitial photos from their visit to prepare a short multimedia presentation.

Program Outline

Ecological & Habitat Investigations
8am - 9am Breakfast
9am - 4pm Local Studies
  A full day spent comparing different ecological sites. Students study plants and animals in their natural habitats (lunch provided)
4pm - 5pm Free Time
5pm - 6pm Dinner
6pm - 8pm Followup Session - Classroom
  Students prepare a short multimedia presentation of different habitats
8pm - 9pm Free Time
9pm - 11pm Campfire & Mug-up
11pm Bedtime