Education Courses

Do you need to challenge your most able students, or concentrate on the borderliners? Do you need to focus on specific exam questions? Our staff assist in any way that you like - by teaching, facilitating or observing and managing safety. We improve grades by firing up your students' enthusiasm or guiding their preparation for exams.

Listed below are some of our popular study modules:

Rivers and Fluvial Systems 

The form and functions of rivers are studied in this river investigation including meanders, floodplains and smaller formations such as point bars and river cliffs. A number of measurements such as width, depth, velocity and sediment size can be collected at a variety of sample sites.

Toursm Investigation

Using different methods of data collection, students explore a tourist resort and consider the factors involved in its development, such as the effects of recreational pressure on local employment, conflicting land use, the impact on First Nations, the physical environment and traffic congestion.

Comparative Ecological Investigation

Undertaking a comparative investigation of different habitats, students examine how plant communities are affected by biotic and abiotic factors. Students also identify plants and their adaptations.

Urban Settlements

By producing land use classification maps of town centres studetns are able to recognise patterns in retail settlements and settlement function. Development of towns over time can be demonstrated through a range of data collection techniques.

Coastal processes and Features

With reference to nearby examples, students discuss the formation of coastal features and how they have evolved. Features include beaches, coves, cliffs and wave-cut platforms. A beach profile can be constructed if required.

Caves and Karst

An introduction to karst landscapes, visiting local karst areas that include linestone pavements and sink holes. Students develop an understanding of cavern formation and island geology through data collection and measurement of limestone features.